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About Us

About Us Uluvan's CHOLA FOODS

Chola Foods is one of the leading companies in the processed foods category in India. We are manufacturing and marketing a vast range of premium quality products including identity preserved: Masala Mixes, Pulses, Flours, Pickles, Sauces and jam. Chola Foods has been consistently launching deliciously new products since it was established.

We are committed to delivering the best to our consumers at the right price and quality. Our products are widely available and our strong brand image assures consumers of picking up a quality product. We are given to innovation and after research, launch newer products. Our manufacturing facilities are situated in Payyanad, Manjeri and have a strong professional management and workforce. We enjoy a very strong relationship with our distributors and retailers. The future sees us newer markets globally and launching newer products nationally with the same philosophies and passion.

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